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Party Platters

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Our party platters will feature your favorite Trazza items, expertly arranged on a serving platter.


 We are in our  new production facility.


Trazza is manufacturing in Tualatin.  The Tualatin facility is allowing us to better serve all our customers.

The office is located  in the Franklin Business Park II, Tualatin, OR.



Portland's Number One Retail Hummus


"Trazza hummus was rated Top 3 Portland's favorite hummus by Portland Monthly Magazine. We also were rated as the number one,  wholesale hummus brand in Oregon!

We are truly honored to be in the spotlight!

Nothing is better than sharing our authentic Lebanese food and joy with you!

Find us at over 100 grocery stores in greater Portland area, including New Seasons, Whole Foods, Fred Meyer, local co-ops, Natural Grocers, Lamb's Market and many more.

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Why the Name Change


Trazza is a company with a new name formerly know as Great Cedar.  We still have the same great products you've seen in your local grocery store -  the only change is our name.  The cedar tree of Lebanon has been known throughout history for its great strength and resilience. We feel the Great Cedar tree in our logo also shows the strength and perseverance of the people who make our products what they are: fresh, authentic, and delicious.



Our Mission


Our mission is to delight our customers through the highest quality of service; delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, passion, and company spirit.  Trazza is about providing our customers with healthy, fresh ingredients that have no artificial flavors or preservatives.  We offer great tasting products options that can enable our clients and customers experience authentic Lebanese food while offering them both vegan and gluten free options to suite their lifestyle.  We are committed to our existence because we see in the company's vision an opportunity to pursue not only corporate relationships, but also personal aspirations.



Our Objective


A joint venture with the local grocer and businesses to provide a means for local consumers to easily access the most popular Lebanese dishes and desserts.



Our Vision


To enable local Portland shoppers to buy fresh, all natural, authentic Lebanese cuisine from the deli/perishable section of their grocery store.  Meanwhile, we will reach out to local companies and universities to offer as well our products to their employees and students.


Our Customers are Awesome!


Dear Claude


Thank you for bringing hummus samples to Natural Grocer (Salem) a couple of days ago! This is the best hummus I have ever had! I bought the "Cilantro & Jalapeno" Hummus-the flavor is exceptional.  Be assured that I will purchase more varieties of your hummus in due time.


Best Regards,

Mike M



Dear Claude,


I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how much I am in love with your humus. It's a strange city we live in, here in Portland, where we have so many local options, never mind national, for our food products. I have tried so many of those brands, and I have fallen completely in love with Trazza. I'm so thankful to find such a delicious local humus without added preservatives and oils. I read your About Me page, and didn't realize that in Lebanon, flavored humus is an unspeakable betrayal to the food (I kid...slightly), though I shouldn't be surprised that flavored humus is the "Americanized" version. But I must be honest - I am in love with the cilantro jalapeno flavor! The original is beautiful and fresh tasting as well.


Hope business is going well!





New Product Release

Garlic Sauce (Toum)



Garlic Sauce; is a creamy, whipped garlic compliment to roasted chicken, beef, or lamb.  Excellent as a topping on already cooked meats or even roasted vegetables.  Contains only four ingredients (garlic, lemon, oil and salt).  It also a healthy condiment, has a refrigerated shelf life of several week, is gluten free, and vegan.